(Thai: สุพรรณกัลยา; Burmese: ဗြဣန္ဒဒေဝီ)

was a 16th-century Siamese princess who was a queen consort of King Bayinnaung of Burma. There are very few historical records of her life, but legends about her are widespread in Thailand. Many Thais revere her as a national heroine or even as a popular deity.

With love and all respect, we respectedly borrow a part of her majesty's name to be our brand

as KANLAYA in thai language means "good woman".
is Thailand’s first certified franchise standard Perfume business with Thailand Quality Franchise Management (TQFM) We import high quality fragrance from France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain to manufacture and branded in Thailand. All fragrance is standardize by IFrA and complied with certificate of analysis. KANLAYA offers 6 signature smell which is R&D for Asian and Mongoloid skin type. Moreover, we also provide “know how” for those who commit to start perfume business in franchise format by granting an area-development contract for a sole distributor in a certain area.
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